Our Team

Mike Kaleel – CEO


Michael (Mike) Kaleel was born in 1976 in Salt Lake City, UT. While growing up in a family of four, Mike would always watch his mom, dad, sisters, and grandmother cook. After graduating from Judge Memorial High school, Mike received a BA in Business and a Minor in Environmental studies from Westminster College. In 2001, Mike and his father Jack decided to open their own restaurant making wrap sandwiches with their unique flatbread. Jack and Mike initially decided to call their restaurant Kah-leel’s but in 2004, the two renamed the restaurant to Wriggles “It’s a wrap.”

“There’s always a means to an end and it is not by the power of the dollar.”- Michael Kaleel

Katherine Kaleel – Lead Wrap Artist



Katherine Kaleel was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. After graduating from Olympus High school, Katherine decided to pursue her life-long interest in the food business. Since 2001, Katherine has worked with Jack and Mike, becoming the best “Wrap artist” around. Katherine is responsible for training new employees on how to make the best quality wraps.

“The uniqueness of our wraps is in the quality of our fresh ingredients.”- Katherine Kaleel


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