Wriggles History

Wriggles Personal Statement

Jack Kaleel, started baking flatbread in 1974. He decided to manufacture and engineer one of the first traveling ovens ever to be built. He started to play around with making a healthy flatbread that he grew up on. It started as a research and development but soon turned into a very successful business. He put the flatbread into supermarkets and wholesaled the flatbread through a distributor. He started a retail trade making roll-up sandwiches but in 1984, his oven caught on fire and he closed his doors.

Mike Kaleel, Jack’s son, was extremely interested in reviving this concept, due to the “health crave” that is going on in today’s society. Jack and Mike decided to manufacture a new, compacted oven so that it could bake the flatbread in front of customers. In November 2001, Jack and Mike opened a restaurant in the Cottonwood Mall food court, calling it Kah-leel’s, which closed its doors in March 2003. During this time, Kah-leel’s gained many new friends and loyal customers and decided to open a new location inside the University of Phoenix building, calling Wriggles. Currently, people ask if we were the same company that made these types of roll-up sandwiches years ago. These people always remembered our sandwiches and were elated to have us back.

Wriggles Background

Wriggles has been in operation since November 2001. It closed down the end of March 2003. Kah-leel’s was located at the Cottonwood Mall food court (4835 South Highland Drive, SLC UT 84117). This concept was successful but due to changes in the mall management, Kah-leel’s decided not to resign a lease. During full operation at the Cottonwood Mall, Wriggles was featured on Channel 2 and Channel 4. It was also noticed in the February 2003 Salt Lake Magazine for being acknowledged as having great Hummus and fresh flatbread. Currently, due to popular demand from previous customers, Kah-leel’s d.b.a. Wriggles re-opened its doors in March 2004. Since 2004, Wriggles has been on Fox 13 news with “Big Budda” and won Best of State for its roll-sandwiches.

Wriggles Technology

Wriggles has developed a new twist by baking a freshly baked flatbread right in front of its customers. In return, custom made breakfast and deli sandwiches are made to order right in front of the customer. This concept allows the customer to view the creation of what they will eventually eat, while enjoying the mouth watering aroma that the flatbread releases. Wriggles has developed many creative ways to enhance the quality of the flatbread. All the ingredients are natural and low fat.

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